Wednesday, March 6, 2024

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: After Super Tuesday, 2024

With the results of the Super Tuesday primaries known,

and the subsequent withdrawals of Nikki Haley and

Dean Phillips from their presidential races, the nominees

of the two major parties, as selected by the voters, are

now known.

The unanimous decision of the U.S. Supreme Court

preventing any nominee from being excluded from a

state ballot, means that both the major parties/ tickets

will appear on all state ballots.

But three major questions remain.

First, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear former

President Donald Trump’s appeal claiming immunity

from prosecution on April 25. Other appeals on specific

indictments of Trump are pending. Should the Court

agree to the immunity claim, most prosecutions of

Trump would cease. if the Court denies immunity, the

trials would proceed, but even if they do, it is uncertain

if they can occur or be concluded before election day 

in November.

The second question is whether or not President Joe

Biden will withdraw before or during the Democrat's

convention. He is under major pressure to so because

of persisting low favorability in almost all polling, and

the desire of a great many Democratic voters for a

younger nominee.

The third question is what many unhappy Democrats, 

Republicans and independents will do if  the ballot

in November is Biden vs. Trump. Will they vote for third

party candidates? Will they stay home, or vote only in

down-ballot races?

The past week has answered some major questions, 

but as noted previously, key questions remain.

Several House and Senate primaries were also held 

on Super Tuesday. The one Senate primary that

attracted much attention was in California where

two separate races for the same seat were on the

ballot. The first was to fill the seat of the late Diane

Feinstein from the election to January, 2025; and

the second was for the full six-year term beginning

in 2025. (A gubernatorial appointee currently holds

the seat.)

Because there are many more registered

Democrats than Republicans in California, it has

been widely assumed to be a safe liberal seat in

November, and three major Democrats announced

they were running. California has so-called “jungle

primaries’ in which the two top votegetters, even

if in th same party, are on the ballot in November.

Initially it was thought no Republican would make

it to the November ballot, but retired local major

league baseball star Steve Garvey entered the race

late, and without political advertising, surged to tie

frontrunner Congressman Adam Schiff on one

ballot and beat him by 200,000 votes on the other


Political experts have been writing that Garvey’s

primary success doesn’t matter because there

will be many more Democrats voting in California in

November. But celebrity Garvey will have millions

to spend now to November, and Schiff cannot take

this race for granted. Like recent developments in

Maryland and New Mexico Senate races, California

is a previously a safe seat, Democrats will now have 

to take seriously.


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