Monday, February 26, 2024

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: The 2024 Election Is Getting Murkier, Not Clearer

The 2024 presidential primary voters' role is

meaningfully over, even before most of the

primaries have taken place. The result in

South Carolina only reinforrced this reality as 

Republican voters overwhelmingly rejected the

only remaining GOP challenger, Nikki Haley,

solidifying presumptive conservative nominee, 

former President Donald Trump.

No serious challenger to President Joe Biden in

the other major party contest even entered the 

race as the Democrats’ establishment prevented

any potential major candidate from even 

challenging the incumbent.

The voters likely will have little, if any, final say

on who the nominees will be. From here, those

determinations will be settled in various court

rooms, including the one occupied by nine U.S.

Supreme Court justices; and in private discussions

of party leaders.

The announcement by Nella Domenici that she is

running for the U.S. Senate seat in New Mexico

currently held by  Democrat Martin Heinrichs, was

the second blow in a week to the already shaky

prospects for  Democrats to keep control of the

Senate in 2025. The daughter of long-time New 

Mexico senator, the lat Pete Domenici, she puts

the race, previously rated “safe Democrat, in play,

adding still another incumbent to face a tough

race. Earlier, the open but usually safe Maryland

seat held by retiring Democrat Ben Cardin also

put in play when popular former GOP Governor

Larry Hogan announced his candidacy in usually

liberal Maryland. Now ten  incumbent seats

held by Democrats are in varying stages of


With district boundaries still not finally settled In

some key states, the prospects of the Republicans

to keep control of the U.S. House is very murky.

Their margin of control is now barely enough, due

to sudden retirements and the loss of a seat in a

recent New York special election. The divisiveness

that brought down Speaker Kevin McCarthy earlier

in the year has returned to endanger the brief

speakership of his successor, Mike Johnson, and

the GOP goes into the 2024 campaign, with all

435 seats on the ballot, lacking a unified message,

Many incumbent Democrats will be retiring, and

some of them leave vulnerable seats in their wake.

Both sides face the chaos ar rhe top of their

tickets that could keep notable numbers of usually

reliable Democrats and Republicans at home —

making traditional polling less useful than normal,

and further blurring the political picture at a time

when it usually begins to focus.


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