Sunday, February 11, 2024

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: A Safe Senate Seat Now A Pick-up?

Republican 2024 U.S. senate prospects, already

looking bright, just got brighter with the unexpected

announcement that former Maryland Governor Larry

Hogan is running for the state’s open seat in November,

Even though long-time incumbent Senator Ben Cardin,

a Democrat, had  decided to retire, the seat was rated

“Safe Democrat” because this was such a liberal “blue”


Bur Hogan is one of several Eastern moderate

Republican political figures who win elections in the

liberal northeast, and enjoiy wdespread popularity.

Vermont Governor Phil Scottl New Hampshire

Governor Chris Sununu, and Maine Senator Susan

Collins  are other examples of Republicans whose

blending of tolerant social policies with conservative

economic policies make them successful with East

Coast voters;

In the Midwest, there are Democrats who win race

conservative states, including Montana  Senator Jon 

Testor, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown and Kentucky

Governor Andy Beshear, but this cycle both Testor

and Brown are facing serious GOP challengers.

There is a catch to the new development that 

appears to be a benefit to GOP senate prospects. 

Hogan expands a Republican majority, but like

Collins and Alaska Senatior Lisa Murkowski,

another moderate, he won’t be relied on to vote for

many conservative social issues. Hard-line GOP

voters on the right often denounce moderates as

RINOs and sell-outs.

While the voter base of the Democrats is veering

left, and the GOP base is veering right, both parties

face the complications of senate members who

are center-left and center-right. With party strength

almost tiied in recent years, the Senate has not

always functioned as party leader have wished

in recent years, so the GOP will need to pick up

more than 2-3 Senate seats in 2024 if they want

to have truly effective control.


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