Friday, October 31, 2014

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Countdown #6 and other comments

Subscribers to this website have now been sent directly
to their e-mail address,"Mid-Term Countdown #6"
which has been my ongoing commentary of the individual
U.S. house and senate, and gubernatorial competitive
races of 2014. (Only subscribers receive this. To subscribe
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Two general comments, however:

President Obama has the worst political tin ear I've seen at
that level of politics. (I realize he thinks he is bringing out
his political base.) But it is almost as if he's daring Americans
to turn against him.

Let us not forget that the energy of the potential wave has been
provided by the incompetence of Barack Obama and his
overreaching allies across the nation. The Republicans, if they
win, will now have to out forward new ideas. Otherwise,
their victory next Tuesday would be an empty one.

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