Monday, October 25, 2021

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Biden Pulling Back?


After months of executive orders. legislative proposals, policy

announcements — most of which were designed to reverse

his predecessor’s actions or to introduce new programs,

President Joe Biden, facing significantly negative polls and

rapidly sinking popularity, has begun to pull back.

The Biden administration has reversed itself in two key areas

in recent days, including the Remain In Mexico program of the 

Trump administration, and seeking the help of the oil and gas

industry in keeping recently rising energy prices down.

The successful Remain in Mexico agreement called for returning

apprehended undocumented immigrants to Mexico until they

either decided to return to their home country or could be

properly processed for legal immigration to the U.S, By the end 

of 2020, it had noticeably reduced illegal Mexican border crossings.

President Biden, who as a candidate had advocated “open 

borders,” ended the program after taking  office, replacing it with  

a “catch and release” policy which brought larger numbers of 

undocumented and unvaccinated immigrants to the U.S., chaotic

conditions at the border, and widespread protests  throughout

the southeastern states..

A federal court ruled that the Biden action was illegal, and

restored the Trump program, and the Biden administration has

said it will comply with the court order next month. (Mexico,

however, concerned by the sudden surge has indicated it might

want to renegotiate the agreement.)

President Biden, also as a candidate, said he opposed fracking

and for less usage of fossil fuels. On taking office, he took actions

to advance these views, but  the result has been a large increase

in the price of gasoline and the prospect of oil and gas shortages

in the coming winter months. President Trump had promoted

policies supporting fracking, new pipelines and increased drilling

that made the U.S. energy independent.

Facing a consumer and voter revolt over sharply higher prices and

shortages, President Biden has now reached out  to oil and gas

industry leaders to help with this energy crisis. His and fellow

Democrats harshly anti-coal views have also turned away union

and working class voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia 

and neighboring states — and polls now show  clear majorities

of Hispanics, independents and suburban voters now oppose his


It is unclear what concessions Biden might make to induce the

oil, gas and coal industries to cooperate.

Whether by court order or political necessity, more Biden

administration reversals could occur  in coming months as winter

and the 2022 national  midterm elections approach — and the loss

of control  of one or both houses of Congress becomes likely

and imminent.

If not, the red wave in 2022 could be a very large one.


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