Wednesday, January 27, 2016

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Trump In Or Out? Does It Matter?

Donald Trump has announced he will not participate in Thursday's
Republican presidential debate, scheduled four days before the
Iowa Caucus. The Iowa vote will be the first in the 2016 primary/
caucus calendar.

Given as his reason for skipping the debate, Mr. Trump cited the
presence on the debate media panel of Megyn Kelly whom he clashed
with at the first debate last year. Mr. Trump has since continually
criticized Ms. Kelly as being unfair to him.

Most observers are at a loss for  the strategy of this last-minute
move by the man who leads the GOP field in almost all national polls.

His rivals have been quick to criticize the New York City
businessman. Nonetheless, the story of Trump's withdrawal has
dominated the news in Iowa, overshadowing much of the efforts
of his competitors.

Mr. Trump has bragged that virtually nothing he says or does
will cause him to lose favor with his supporters.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie pointed out that when he
was earlier excluded from a main debate, he did not "whine" or
complain, but participated in the undercard debate that evening.
Governor Christie has now returned to the main event in recent
debates as his poll numbers have risen.

Some observers are openly predicting that Mr. Trump will show
up at the Iowa debate on Thursday after all, having once again
stolen the media attention at a key moment.

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