Thursday, June 4, 2015

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Enter Bloomberg?

Since the big names in the Democratic party seem to be too
timid to enter the 2016 contest for their party’s presidential
nomination (even though frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s early
campaign is fading fast), this circumstance might bring an
unexpected political “heavyweight” into the race, namely
former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mr. Bloomberg is a billionaire and could completely
self-finance a serious presidential candidacy. As an
enormously successful business executive, and later, an
outstanding mayor of the U.S. largest city (no easy task),
he has an excess of solid credentials. A social liberal, he is
also a defense and foreign policy hawk, and, overall, a man
with serious appeal to the very large number of American
independent voters and centrists of both parties.

His record as mayor in New York, preceded by the one of
Rudy Giuliani, transformed this megalopolis into a liveable
city, and the dismal record of their current successor, Bill
de Blasio, only illustrates the importance of skill in the
job of any chief executive in the public sector

There are indications that Mr. Bloomberg, now out of public
office, might be interested in the job. There are no recent poll
numbers on how Democratic voters across the nation feel
about him, but it is obvious he could rack up some very
impressive numbers of Democratic delegates in northern and
west coast primaries.

He doesn’t have to make a single phone call to raise money
from special interests, yet he can’t be outspent by any opponent,
including Mrs. Clinton.

Mr. Bloomberg, a very vigorous 73,  is not without controversies
for those on the far left and the far right, and his winning the
Democratic Party presidential nomination would not come
easily, but his entry into the race would instantly transform the

Some speculations about 2016 scenarios are currently more
fantasy than anything else. Mike Bloomberg might not, after all,
run for president, but there is no fantasy about his candidacy
if he does choose to run. Just do the math.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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