Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This website provides the opinion columns of "THE PRAIRIE EDITOR,"
who has been providing his distinctive commentary about presidential,
congressional and international politics for several decades. Although
access to this website is available to anyone with a computer, THE
PRAIRIE EDITOR is a subscription service. The cost of an annual
subscription is $45.00 per year. A special two-year rate is available for

Checks for the one-year or two-year rate should be made out to
"Barry Casselman" and sent to:

Barry Casselman
520 S.E. 5th Street - Suite 4
Minneapolis, MN 55414-1628

Subscribers receive "alerts" with easy-to-use links to the website as
soon as a Prairie Editor op ed is posted, and a "reminder" the following
day. In addition to these alerts, paid and complimentary subscribers
COMMENTARIES directly to their e-mail addresses. These bulletins
and commentaries do NOT appear on the website, and are ONLY
available to subscribers.

As the U.S. national elections approach, and international politics and
economics become more dramatic and controversial, The Prairie Editor is
going to increase the Subscriber Bulletins and Special Subscriber
Commentaries, and reduce the posts on this website until January 1, 2013.
Coverage of the presidential contest, and of individual competitive U.S.
house and senate races will be increased, but this information will be
available only to subscribers (sent directly to their e-mail addresses).

Questions or comments should be sent to:

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