Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Republicans Have A Secret Weapon In 2010

All the usual caveats are put forward when predicting an election, even one less than seven months away, and the most powerful is almost always the observation that unexpected events and circumstances can, and usually do, intervene to upset conventional wisdom.

This, of course, may be applicable to the 2010 national midterm elections which, at this moment in time, look like a developing rout for the national Republican Party. Almost all of the opinion polls, public and private confirm this potential rout. So do most of the economic statistics and indicators. Yes, there are modest signals of renewed consumer spending in retail stores, but there are also many new taxes (local, state and especially federal) and stubborn unemployment that more than offset any hesitant positive short-term signals.

But wait, contrarians (and I am usually among them) caution. “Expect the unexpected.” The problem for the contrarians (and the Democrats) is that the “unexpected” is now happening. The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by a political saboteur at the highest levels who is determined to wreak havoc on whatever remains of the liberal party’s chances this coming November.

I can now reveal to you who this saboteur is. I always had questions about him, but I wasn’t sure he was a true and perfidious infiltrator. Few, if any, in his own party suspected him, and if they had doubts, they kept silent. But now it is plain for all to see. Democratic incumbents, beware and take cover.

Barack Obama is the Republican’ secret weapon for November. Intoxicated by an expensive and narrow short-term victory on healthcare, Mr. Obama has thrown off his political masks, and revealed his ambitions to unilaterally disarm the nation, antagonize our allies, pander to our enemies, and sink the economy into an historic grand canyon of debt.

The 2010 election surprise has come early this year. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

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