Friday, October 9, 2009

Comic Relief

Hand it to the Nobel Peace Prize committee --- just when the world needs some comic relief, they know how to provide it! Scandinavia is now the center of stand-up comedy, and the whole world is laughing.

It used to be the most prestigious prize in the world; now it is only a joke. Yasir Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Neville Chamberlain all received the Peace Prize for doing nothing but having alleged good intentions and a dubious plan. Now you need only have alleged good intentions.

Wait! You say Neville Chamberlain did NOT receive the peace prize? You're right, but it was a serious oversight. Everyone knows that man had good intentions.

Giving the prize this year to Mr. Obama also removes the suspense about who will receive the prize next year. Clearly, Hugo Chavez has a lock on it for 2010. Count on those folks from the Nobel committee to keep us in stitches.

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