Friday, December 13, 2019

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: A Message From The Brits

British voters have now gone to the polls, and have reclaimed their
thousand-year old nation from a gaggle of bureaucrats, status quo
elitists and left-veering politicians who had taken over its historic

The campaign against Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson
would be familiar to many Americans as former leaders of his
own party came out against him, as did most of the establishment
media --- while many of his opponents tried to mire him in petty
scandals, and the leader of the opposition, indulging in overt
prejudices, promised to move the nation to the far left.

The prime minister was portrayed as a bumbling, narcissistic
show-off who could not get along with his own party, and even his
own cabinet. In fact, several former associates deserted him, and
then pilloried him in the press. He tried to keep his campaign
promise to implement Brexit (which UK voters had earlier
approved) and actually came up with a departure deal with the
European Union (EU) when his critics, and even some of his
friends, said it was impossible. He dared to take his campaign to
blue collar voters in spite of his party’s stuffy upper class traditions,
and the presumption they would only choose the Labour Party. He
was ridiculed for his political manner, his tweets and his hairstyle.
He seemed to have everyone against him.

Except for the voters.

They gave Boris Johnson an historic landslide victory. He does have
his shortcomings, and faces daunting challenges ahead. but now
our British cousins have renewed their democracy, stood up for
their sovereignty --- and oh yes, sent us a message.

Nancy Pelosi, did you read it?

Copyright (c) 2019 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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