Thursday, February 1, 2018

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Democrats' Big Blunder At S.O.T.U.

I have consistently avoided making predictions about
who will win the 2018 national mid-term elections. I have
suggested that both national parties have opportunities
to do well, and I have conceded that Democrats have much
better prospects in U.S. house races, and the Republicans
have much better prospects in U.S. senate races. Democrats
might also have better prospects to make net gains in
state legislative races and governorships. I think that is
a fair and non-partisan assessment.

I have also consistently suggested that that the current
strategy by Democratic leaders in the party apparatus
and in Congress to obsess on what President Trump says
and not what he does is short-sighted and self-defeating.
This strategy reached its apparent apotheosis at Mr.
Trump’s state of the union (S.O.T.U.) address to Congress
during which the Democratic members performed like
spoiled children and disgraced themselves before a large
national TV audience. Did Democrats think that sitting.
grimacing, or avoiding clapping during the non-partisan
moments, including when it was announced that black
and Hispanic unemployment had reached recent historic
lows, or when the president reaffirmed the respect of
standing for the American flag, made a positive
impression on most voters in the TV and other audiences?

I continue to withhold predictions about November, 2018,
but I will say that IF Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie
Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the faces of the
Democratic election effort , and IF the strategy of
shutting down the government by liberal senators, and
disrespecting political news that they themselves have
clamored for, are good strategies for electing Democrats
in 2018, the liberal party is in for a VERY unpleasant
surprise on election night, 2018.

It will not be a “blue” night in that case --- but Democrats
will likely be exceedingly blue.

Democrats had to endure just such a surprise on
election night, 2016.

Have they learned nothing from that experience--- and
the year that has followed?

Copyright (c) 2018 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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