Thursday, June 16, 2016

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: A Summer None Of Us Will Forget?

This is going to be quite a summer.

If you booked passage for a quiet cruise to various well-known
destinations, you are already alert to the fact that the ship has
changed course. There has been no announcement of this
diversion from the bridge. In fact, the captain is not even on
the bridge; he’s reportedly dealing with an unanticipated mutiny
of the crew that is spreading throughout the ship.

It all began with what was expected to be a conventional first
stop, the port of call known as the U.S. presidential nominating
season. The ship did not arrive as planned. Both major party
itineraries were disrupted by hijackers. Instead of heading
south to lazy tropical climes, the ship lurched to the east toward
the tired old continent of Europe.

Did you pack clothes for London? That’s the first stop. The
mutineers on the ship have friends in the United Kingdom who
are also in open revolt. On June 23 next, the Brits will decide
whether or not to remain part of the European Union (EU). The
referendum could go either way, but if they choose formally to
remain, they are in for a shock --- the European Union no longer

On that day, June 23, the presumptive Republican nominee for
president will fly to Scotland --- to open a golf course! Only an
American would have the chutzpah to do this. What will he say?
Does it matter?

Meanwhile, you are on an ocean liner now heading west.
The next ports are Cleveland on Lake Erie, and after that,
Philadelphia on the Delaware River. Do you dare to disembark
at either port? The unsuccessful Democratic hijacker is now
under house arrest in Vermont, but his agents are already
slipping into the City of Brotherly Love where the Big Sister is
planning to take charge. Do you care?

After departing the summer ports of Cleveland and Philadelphia,
the destinations are unknown. You decide it’s time to cut short
this cruise. The food is awful. The crew has disappeared. Only
the ship’s band is playing on deck, but it’s The Grateful Dead.
You can’t get off. No one is in charge. The captain has vanished
into a sea of platitudes.

You are in open water, and there’s no land in sight.

Have a nice summer.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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