Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: Kudos To Cuomo and Christie

A few days ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (a Democrat)
and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (a Republican) ordered
that air passengers originating in Ebola-stricken countries who
landed at New York and New Jersey airports would be subject to
quarantines of 21 days.

This was opposed by the Obama administration, and both
governors were subjected to severe criticism by the Old Media
which has consistently deferred to the president and his policies.

In fact, the action of Governors Cuomo and Christie was a
much-needed temporary response to the international health
threat which, if not contained, could become a worldwide

The first person quarantined was a nurse who had cared for
Ebola patients in West Africa, and had a temperature recorded
when she first landed in the U.S. She subsequently was
determined not to have the virus, and Governor Christie
released her. She is now in her home state of Maine.

The criticism of the two governors has been obviously
political. Governor Christie especially is a potential candidate
for president in 2016, and the liberal media has been for months
relentless in its efforts to discredit him.

A quarantine is an extreme measure that should only be used
when there is a clear and present danger. It is very inconvenient
for those quarantined. But it is only 21 days, and considering
its ravaging of West African nations, it seems a necessary
action at this time, especially for those who have had direct
contact with the disease. Voluntary or self-quarantines apparently
have not worked. Even medical personnel who should know
better have failed to observe the required protocols.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in contrast to his boss,
President Obama, supports the 21-day quarantine. U.S. Army
troops, including a general, who were sent to West Africa are
now in quarantine before returning to the U.S.

If these actions by the governors and the defense secretary seem
by some to be an over-reaction, they are at least on the side of
prudent caution.

The measures for quarantine can be adjusted so that persons such
as the nurse can be released. Governor Christie did this. Neither
he nor Governor Cuomo should be reproached for their serious
efforts to reassure the public and provide proper protection to the
general populace.

They, in fact, deserve public praise for taking charge at a time when
others were supposed to lead, and did not.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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