Friday, October 18, 2013

THE PRAIRIE EDITOR: "Go Win An Election!"

For once, I wholeheartedly agree with President Barack
Obana's political analysis. At a White House press
conference the other day, after the “showdown/debt ceiling”
crises were resolved by a congressional deal, he reportedly
said, “if you want to make changes in Washington, DC, go
win an election.”

Mr. Obama must have been reading The Prairie Editor
because that’s what I have been saying for many months
as various Republicans and conservatives have arisen like
acne pimples to advocate no-win political strategies to
reverse Obamacare and continued deficit spending.

Now I agree with the views of these conservative legislators
and public policy gurus that Obamacare and and raising
the debt ceiling are prescriptions for national disaster, but
instead of adolescent flare-ups and tantrums, I believe these
bad public policies can only be reversed by winning elections,
specifically the 2014 national mid-term elections and the 2016
presidential election.

Mr. Obama has been an amateur president, but he’s no
amateur at politics. He was able to win a U.S. senate seat
with little public policy background and minimal electoral
experience, and then was able to win the presidency with
less than a single term as senator. To make the point that
this was no accident, he won re-election as president when
his opposition thought he would be easy to beat. He has
continually outplayed and outfoxed his conservative
opposition in the national legislature, even though the
Republicans have controlled the U.S. house since January,

For once, Mr. Obama has shown his hand. He has revealed
why he does not compromise, and why he remains determined
to go forward with Obamacare and his “eurovision” of a social
welfare society for the United States.

He has won two presidential elections, and he has the votes
to block his opposition. In a rare moment of true candor, he
has revealed the only way to reverse him:

“Go win an election!”

Copyright (c) 2013 by Barry Casselman. All rights reserved.

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