Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Occupy The White House" Now In Full Throttle

I'm surprised that no one, at least that I have read or heard, has noted
the most prominent (and outrageous?) "Occupy" protest in the nation,
that is, the "Occupy The White House" being led by none other than its
current occupant, President Barack Obama.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Obama has now twice warmly
endorsed the "Occupy" movement currently taking place (but waning) across
the nation. Of course, no one would deny Mr. Obama's right of free speech
(in fact, ex officio he has more of it than perhaps any other American), but
one might be amazed that the Lincoln bedroom and the West Wing have
become the headquarters of the movement. I hope at least that the president
will forgo pitching any tents in these historic rooms, and I trust that he and
his family, and Vice President Biden and his family, continue to take daily
showers in the White House and Admiralty House deluxe bathrooms.

It can be no coincidence that the stated critique of the "Occupy" protesters
is almost identical to the critique of the U.S. by Mr. Obama and those who
run his administration. This critique includes "taxing the rich," punishing
"Big Business" (except, of course, those big corporations who contribute big
bucks to the president's re-election campaign), requiring universal health
care paid for by taxpayers, and the mandated redistribution of wealth in

I have visited two different "Occupy" sites now in two cities, and have noted
the enthusiasm and sincerity of most of the protesters, although I have been
unable to determine just what it is they are protesting, other than abstract
entities such as "Wall Street" and "big business." Since most of the protesters
seem to be young, college students, and from affluent home neighborhoods,
I am not sure they even realize the consequences of being so negative to these
abstractions. I do acknowledge that the hard core leftist leaders of this
movement do know what they think they are doing, that is, trying to foment
an economic revolution in the country along radical and neo-Marxist lines.

Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, and mayors of many urban areas where protests
have taken place, and continue to do so (albeit with fewer and fewer
protesters), Mr. Obama's patience with the unsanitary, sometimes violent,
often pretentious conditions of the Occupy movement cannot be
overruled. His occupation of the White House cannot be cleared by any
police forces, or any other authorities, unless the ultimate authority in our
Republic, the voters, choose to do so next November.

Copyright (c) by Barry Casselman
All rights reserved.

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