Monday, October 10, 2011


The current demonstrations in New York City and other large cities
across the United States contend they are protests against Wall Street, large
corporations and " greedy rich" persons. Created and manipulated by tiny
far-left factions, they have now been supported by leading Democrats,
including President Obama and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, labor unions
and numerous celebrities. Clearly, part of their intention has also been to
demonstrate that there is a genuine leftist grass roots movement and
sentiment in the nation (in contrast to the already demonstrated and
significant grass roots conservative movement in the nation, also known as
the Tea Party).

The demonstration so far, however has been a parody of itself, primarily a
bad imitation of Woodstock (a genuine cultural expression of the 1968
youth generation) and a phenomenon inhabited mostly by the least credible
and most unattractive members of American society.

If conservatives are uneasy about this phenomenon, they should not be. In
fact, the ritualized leftist pageantry is becoming an unintended statement
of support of the authentic reaction throughout America against the radical
ideas and policies of the Obama administration, and its woeful attempts to
deal with and resolve the chronic current economic crisis. The Old Media
establishment, through the TV networks and the formerly repected print
media newspaper and magazine outlets, is ironically making matters worse
for their own cause by featuring the protests and the protesters. Middle
class America, and the huge bloc of independent American voters are thus
receiving an overdose of clueless students, doctrinaire neo-Marxists,
professional and perennial complainers and mindless celebrities looking
for publicity. The public parks where most of these demonstrators have
been congregating have portable toilets, but they are in need of public
showers. Sex, drugs and free food seems to be the draw to most who have
gathered, not public policy. Leaders of the conservative movements could
not have imagined or created a better public demonstration of the inherently
totalitarian and unsympathetic nature of left wing public policy and programs.

I say: Let this spectacle continue. Let the media cover them (I don't mean
literally) and let the voters of America see for themselves what and where a
left direction would take the country. Keep the free food for them coming, the
portable toilets in place, and the craven urban politicians supporting them.

But I warn against one thing. Do not introduce even one bathtub into this
radical convocation. Even one bathtub with hot running water interjected
into this crowd, and the whole spectacle might be washed down the drain.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Barry Casselman
All rights reserved.

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